Review; Grove Square Pumpkin Cappuccino

Next up in our pumpkin review series is the Grove Square Pumpkin Cappuccino. Some days you just want a little extra in your coffee. Maybe your morning coffee needs to have a boost of creaminess. Or perhaps that afternoon pick me up coffee could use an indulgent grove-square-pumpkin-spice-cappuccino-k-cupsfeeling. Whatever the reason, Grove Square’s Pumpkin Cappuccino hits the spot. I’ve had one of these almost every day this week with the rainy weather here in New York. The creaminess takes this from ordinary to extraordinary.

This one is definitely sweet. You won’t want to add any additional cream or sugar to it because it’s already loaded with flavor. Those that prefer to drink their coffee black will find this sweeter than most so drink it to treat yourself on days when you deserve something extra. For those that add creamer or sugar to their coffee each day, you can save time with this one. All you need is to pop this in your brewer and you take care of your coffee, cream and sugar all in one. Those extra few seconds are precious for those of us who run on a tight schedule.

The pumpkin flavor on this one is milder. For those that don’t like the strong pumpkin flavor in other pumpkin spice coffees, this one is for you. It’s more about the creaminess here with a subtle pumpkin flavor. Whether you run this on the smaller setting or the larger, travel mug, setting, you’ll s

Want to take this drink to the next level? Add whip cream! It’s perfect on a Fall Saturday or Sunday morning when you want to laze around while reading the paper or taking in the crisp air.


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