Review: Golden French Toast

One of our favorite times of the year is when Golden French Toast comes backgolden-french-toast-coffee-gmc-k-cup_en_pdp. This flavor brings you that mouthwatering, breakfast flavor anytime you feel a craving coming on. Once you start your brew with this K-cup in the machine, family members will come running into the kitchen wanting to know who is cooking up french toast. It’s that good!

This is a seasonal flavor from our friends over at Green Mountain. It doesn’t have a ton of caffeine in it but it does have an amazing flavor combined with a smooth flavor. You get notes of buttered french toast with warm syrup and just a slight hint of cinnamon. It’s a wonderful combination of flavors in this little K-cup.  If you are worried about the flavor being overpowering, don’t be. It is a perfect balance of flavor that still allows the coffee to shine right through without being too sweet like other flavored blends.

Golden French Toast is a nice medium blend. There is no bitterness that you sometimes get in stronger blends but it isn’t weak either. It really is a wonderful breakfast blend alternative when you get a hankering for something with a bit of flavor.

Save this one (if you can!) for a treat every now and then, in between your regular brews. You’ll appreciate the change in pace, the delectable flavor and the way it warms you up from the inside out. Turn it into an indulgence by adding some cinnamon or sweet cream flavored creamer for an extra dose of deliciousness.


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