Cozy Up With Cocoa

Brrr! The snow outside means cocoa in my hands, around this time of year anyway. I love coming in from a long, Winter day and brewing up a cup of hot chocolate. There may also be marshmallows, whipped cream and dashes of cinnamon involved but that’s all for me.

The sheer variety of hot cocoa you can get in a K-cup today is astounding. TherDark_Grove_Square__54084.1409511945.1280.1280e is one that suits just about anyone. Grove Square has a mouthwatering, dark chocolate cocoa that really makes you feel special. It’s warm, comforting and feels like home in your hands. Our tip is to put a few marshmallows in the bottom of the mug before brewing. Then brew your cocoa right on top of the marshmallows. The flavor will be out of this world! There is a creaminess to it with a rich, deep flavor. Add this one to your must-try list! Grove_Milk_Chocolate__76044.1409511920.1280.1280

Grove Square also makes a lovely milk chocolate version that is equally creamy. This one is milder, naturally, and a bit sweeter so it works for an afternoon or an evening treat. Watch the brew size on this one though. Too large and it can feel a bit watered down. Stay safe at around a  6oz. brew.

For all of you flavor fiends, don’t you worry. I have got one for you too! Peppermint Hot Chocolate Grove_Square_Pepermint__46708.1415103946.1280.1280from Grove Square. Mint hot chocolate is a classic combination. This one has a milder taste which lets the flavors shine through. It’s not overly sweet or in your face but blended nicely with the chocolate. This looks, and tastes, amazing when topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes. You’ll be the envy of Instagram.

Grove Square is not the only game in town either. Timothy’s makes an incredible31TlTH53OVL white hot chocolate and we have saved the best for last. If you know yourchocolate, you know that white chocolate has a distinctive taste. Timothy’s nails it with this cocoa. That white chocolate flavor is there in this rich blend. This one stands on its own legs in terms of flavor. Add a bit of warm milk for next level deliciousness.

There are so many hot cocoa K-cups out there and we couldn’t possibly list them all. These were our favorites and we hope they are some of yours too. Remember  to play around with the brew size  to find the right combination for you. With cocoa, it gets a bit tricky and what works for one person may not work for you. Start small at 6 or 8oz and gradually work your way up, if you are looking for a larger cup. Often, these ones are at their best in a smaller size.

Another tip we have for you is to shake the K-cup BEFORE putting it in the brewer. Sometimes the cocoa can clump together inside the K-cup and you’ll taste those effects in your mug. Give it a little shake, pop it in the machine and then you’ll have a perfect brew. Don’t forget to immediately remove the K-cup from the machine when you’re done brewing. Flavored coffees, cocoas and teas can clog the needles in your brewer if left in there after the brew. Just be safe and pop them right out at the end of the cycle.

Happy brewing!


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