Iced Coffee Samplers

April is the time of year where you start thinking about summer because it is thisclose. Over here at Port Jeff Coffee, we are dreaming of warm, lazy days sitting outside on the grass with iced coffee in hand. This is where our Iced Coffee Sampler comes in.

Our sampler features 20 K-cups that are made for brew over ice. Based on our 10_k_cup_iced_coffee_1__18910.1409511945.1280.1280available inventory, you’ll get a combination of Green Mountain French Vanilla, Green Mountain Nantucket Blend, Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Regular and Donut Shop Nutty Hazelnut along with Van Houtte French Vanilla Iced.

These K-cups are created specifically to brew over ice for optimal flavor and taste. Once you try it for the first time, you’ll fall in love with the flavor and start to crave it when you need that iced coffee fix. Stop wasting time standing in line at the gourmet coffee shops and spending over $5 a drink. Order our Iced Coffee Sampler and have iced coffee, whenever you want it.

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