Make Sunday’s Last

Sundays start the inevitable countdown towards the dreaded Monday. Monday signals the beginning of the work week and all of the stress that comes with it. So how can you enjoy your Sunday without the threat of Monday looming in?

Make the most of your Sunday and pack in every bit of relaxation and fun that you can. Here’s a few great ways to do this:

1. Sip and Read. Grab that book you’ve been promising yourself you’d start, brew yourself your favorite K-cup of coffee or hot chocolate (brew decaf to ensure you don’t mess up your sleep schedule) and dive right in.

2. Impromptu picnic. These are always fun. Throw together whatever you’ve got lying around and head out for a lovely picnic in the park, or even just in your back yard. Grab the rest of yesterday’s watermelon, throw together a salad with all the veggies left in the fridge from the week, some bread and cheese make for a great sandwich and don’t forget to brew some ‘over ice’ Snapple in your reusable tumblers.

3. Spa night. Make Sundays spa night. Enjoy a nice soak in the tub and then treat yourself to an at-home mani/pedi. Sip on some hot chocolate while you catch up on your favorite TV show and wait for your nails to dry. You’ll start Monday looking fantastic.

4. Gratitude. Take Sunday’s to catch up with the ones you love, and even the ones you haven’t talked to in awhile. Call those friends that you’ve missed catching up with and water those relationships so they continue to grow. Bonus if you can get together over a nice cup of coffee, at home of course with your big selection of K-cups.

The possibilities are endless but we hope we’ve given you a bit of inspiration to soak up your Sunday and take Monday head on.


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