5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Summer Beverage

5 ways summer beverage port jeff coffee
Photo credit: imallergic / Foter / CC BY

We’re in the throes of summer right now and loving every minute of it. But hot weather means you need a cool drink. Plain ol’ water or iced tea can get boring. We’ve got some ways you can jazz up that summer beverage.

  1. Add some fresh mint, honey and lemon to your iced tea. You’ll get a refreshing flavor, especially with green tea. Just add some freshly washed mint leaves to the cup before you brewit. This way the heat of the tea brings out the flavor of the leaves. Then add honey and lemon while it chills.
  2. Make a blended drink in minutes! Throw your coffee, some milk and ice cubes in a blender. Add some flavored syrup and blend until the ice is gone. Pour into a glass and add some chocolate shavings or whipped cream for a hearty presentation. Take that fancy coffee shop!
  3. Freeze your fruit. Put freshly washed raspberries, strawberry pieces, blueberries or peaches into ice cube trays. Fill with water and freeze. Add those to your tumbler before you brew your iced tea and enjoy the fruity kick.
  4. Freeze tea! Take leftover tea (or brew it just for this. we won’t tell!) and freeze into ice cubes. Use when you’re brewing a brew over ice K-cup and your drink will be cold, without being watered down.
  5. Watermelon! Watermelon makes its own amazing ice. Cut watermelon into chunks, place into a freezer bag and freeze flat. Then, in place of ice, use watermelon chunks. You’ll get the coldness of ice, a fruity flavor and some antioxidants.

There are so many ways to freshen up your go to beverage. Take a few extra minutes and really nail that flavor and presentation. You’ll be glad you did!


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